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We are providing products and kits for loft boarding and loft insulation projects. We have two type of industry leading loft boarding systems, loft insulation, easy vents, down light covers, battery powered loft lights for your DIY loft boarding project. In addition, you can get free quote from industry leading loft boarding and loft insulation installers.

Our Loft boarding, Loft Flooring Systems

Raised Loft Boarding | LoftandInsulation

Loft Boarding Service

Boarding the loft can gain extra space in the loft and that is the most cost-effective way to create extra storage space in traditional or new build property. However, get correctly boarded your loft important factor.

latest standard insulation is 270mm and new build may insulate even 350mm, so loft boarding should be over the insulation which call raised loft boarding system, but all the loft boarding systems or installers may not be able to meet that required standard of loft boarding specially when comes to the new build. New build properties can be boarded but if you do wrongly that may affect to your new build warranty. We highly have experience loft boarding experts and some of them has been approved from TRUSTMARK. find the best installers or purchase loft boarding products from us for your DIY project.

Loft Ladders and Other Loft Related Services

Loft is important space as we can do loft flooring and use this space as a storage space. however, there are few other important upgrades you can make for your comfort and safety. Loft ladder, loft hatch, Balustrades & Grab Rails are providing you the better accessibility and safety access for any loft. Ladders are few types in the market, we can choose one base on budget, and suitability of your loft. Loft hatch is impotent to get access to the loft so size of the loft hatch and location of it is important factor. Balustrades & Grab Rails are providing you the better access and safety to user of loft space.

Furthermore, some locations we may need to clear the loft space including insulation such as water damage, mouse problem etc. in addition to that loft lining help to prevent dust coming to the loft. Specially some of the properties build in pre 1920 do not have any felt covers. Moreover, loft lighting is important factor for loft as it provides us better vision to the loft.

Loft Lighting

Loft Clearance

Loft Lining

Balustrades & Grab Rails

loft ladders

Loft Hatch

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Home Insulation Services

Insulation become important factor for property to keep warmer in winter period also to save energy usage of the property. Loft insulation is a lowers cost insulation measure even if you hire professional or done that as a DIY job. Standard of the loft insulation is a 270mm of thickness and some of the new build may have 350mm to 400mm thickness.

Solid wall insulation mainly for properties build before 1930s and no cavity in the wall construction. This can be do internally or externally so we call that internal wall insulation and external wall insulation. internal wall insulation is lowest cost when comparing to external wall insulation. external wall insulation provides the better appearance to the property. How ever if there is cavity wall exist that is the quickest, cheapest measure to improve thermal conductivity of the property.

Addition to that floor insulation also provide comfort and energy saving to the property. There are may methods to get done the floor insulation nowadays.

If property has flat roof that also may be able to upgrade to latest standard and there are few other insulation measure in the market properties may able to upgrade depend on the construction and requirements.

Home Insulation | LoftandInsulation

Loft Insulation

Internal Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation

Flat Roof Insulation

Floor Insulation

Other Insulation

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