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External Wall insulation 

                            External wall insulation is the most common insulation method for solid wall construction. Moreover, this method used for hard to threat cavity wall where cavity wall cannot be insulating or not suitable to insulate. However, if some one need external wall insulation for cavity wall property or cavity wall insulated property there is no restriction to pally external wall insulation. 

Basically, external wall insulation is a system of boards of thermally insulating material that are attached to the exterior of the wall and completed with a decorative, weather resistant render. This method could cut considerable heating cost and make comfort buildings. 

There are many types of wall constructions in the UK. Mainly cavity wall construction and solid wall construction. When come to cavity wall construction there are specialist installer can drill the walls and fill cavity wall insulation. When come to solid construction this method does not help as solid walls does not have any cavity So to insulation solid wall property need to have external wall insulation system or can be do internal wall insulation.

External wall insulation can save considerable amount of heating and it could be varying on size of the property and usage. By having external wall insulation property may benefit from new good-looking appearance.

External wall insulation needs to be done by professional installer. You can find external wall insulation installers by filling our installer finding form.

Benefit of the External Wall Insulation

  • This could change the appearance of the property 
  • You want loose floor area inside of the house as internal wall insulation
  • This may improve the sound resistance and weather proofing
  • This may help to prevent the damp and reduce condensation
  • It will make considerable energy saving can comfort of the property. 

How to do External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation is an attaching insulation layer to the existing wall external elevation, with a decorative finish or protective render. In addition, dry cladding offers a large variety of finished such as -aluminium panels or brick slips, timber panels, clay tiles or stone.

Please note you may need planning permission (please check with your local authority)

How to do the external wall Insulation

  • Example: typical semi detached property (3 key stages)
  1. Fixing insulation boards and beadings to external wall ( aproximatly 1-2 days)
  2. Applying basecoat and mesh to the wall ( aproximatly 2 days)
  3. Applying final top coat (aptoximatly 1 day)
  • Normally this is a 3 man team work.
  • Nomal it need drying time in second stage up to 2 days (48hrs)
  • this systems reqverd 5+ degrees of celcius to apply it.

How to Install External Wall Insulation

External Wall Insulation is make considerable energy savings to the almost any type of buildings. here are different way and many systems we can do external wall insulation. external wall insulation couldn’t consider as a DIY job. we are recommend to find the qualified installer for this type of project.

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