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Benefit of Loft Boarding

Add more storage space for your property
Save money from your energy bills by having latest standard insulation
Increase your property Energy Performance rating and reduce your carbon footprint.
You might see an increase in your property’s value by having up to date latest standard insulation
Your home will be warmer in winter and cooler in the summer by protecting your insulation

Day by day our personal belongings will increase but there is a limited availability in the house to store those items. But having loft boarding many able to some more storage space for your property. Specially countries like UK has only limited availability for storage in most of the properties.

Most of the UK properties has pitch roof with loft where we may able convert that as a storage space by boarding loft space. Many house owners in the UK has already boarded there loft full or partly. When come to the loft boarding need to consider having loft boarding latest standers. Latest standard of the insulation thickness in the UK is 270mm so loft boarding system need to be raised over the insulation and keep are gap beet ween loft boards and insulation. There are few loft boarding systems available in the UK which can get loft boarding system over the insulation So this can be benefit from most of the UK traditional and new build properties.

Furthermore, there are few professional loft boarding companies in the UK and if you need to find any please fill our installer finding form then your local loft boarding company will contact you.

What you need to know when you are doing DIY Loft Boarding Project

  • Personal protections

  • check you have not blocked any ventilation (pre and post insulation)
  • No leak from roof
  • should walk on joist, use crawling board screw to the joist while working
  • Check and identify cable (some cables are high voltage cables; those may melt if it covered from insulation)
  • Please check if there are any downlights. If it is advisable to cover those from fire rated downlight caps. If you don’t put insulation over the downlight you may keep 50mm gap around the downlight but that may lose your heating and also often you can find fire rated downlights, still we recommend you to cover those downlights with fire rated caps as some by mistake change any of those fire rated downlights to normal downlights it may cause fire.

  • Pipe insulation and tank insulation jacket helps some energy savings and protect freezing from winter months.
  • Don’t keep all loft boards in one place. This may increase weight in that particular area of the ceiling.

Installer Process for Loft Boarding

Our Installers loft Boarding Systems on Traditional and New Build Properties.  as latest standard of the insulation is 270mm boarding systems need to install over the insulation with air gap between that. those installers need to have good knowledge of loft insulation too. our installers have many years experience and up to date knowledge of loft insulation and loft boarding systems.

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