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Loft Ladders

Loft Ladder is most vital part when accessing into the loft. There are many types of ladders in the market. However, consumers can use loft ladder most suitable for your property and based on individual requirement. In addition to that when choosing loft ladder we need to know whether this ladder going to fit in to our loft hatch. As example when come to 3 section loft ladder, it should have approximately 1.2m space inside the loft for ladder to sit and 0.75m clear area (space inside loft and clear area may change on type of loft ladder) Furthermore, distance between ceiling and floor, size of the existing loft access hatch and individual requirements. We sell 3 main types of loft ladders which can order with loft boarding kits.

Our Loft Ladder Range

All our loft ladders provide with loft boarding kits and we don’t sell individual loft ladders.

Concertina Loft Ladder | LoftandInsulation

Concertina Loft Ladder

Ladders Loft Steel | LoftandInsulation

Branded 3 Section aluminium loft ladder

Loft Ladders | LoftandInsulation

Branded 3 Section Brass loft ladder

Loft Lighting | LoftandInsulation

Battery powered LED

Extremely bright battery powered LED loft light, equivalent to 32W bulb, with highly visible extra long pull string to illuminate dark spaces with ease

Loft and Insulation Black | LoftandInsulation

Balustrades & Grab Rails

By installing Balustrades & Grab Rails, you can seriously increase the safety when it comes to accessing your loft.

Loft Hatch | LoftandInsulation

Loft Hatches

We can fit you any kind of loft hatches for your requirement. Whether you need relocation, enlargement.

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