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What is Raised Loft Boarding?

Raised Loft Boarding is loft flooring installed ABOVE the level of your loft insulation to protect your
insulation and energy savings by leaving an airflow gap between the boards and insulation. This is
achieved by fixing the boards onto a strong subframe, which is raised above the joists. In addition,
our raised loft boarding over your insulation will save you money. This is something that boarding
your loft with timber cannot do.

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About Loft Leg - Loft Solutions

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This system is an innovative loft storage solution that create bright, organised, energy efficient lofts.
This system is designed to work with, and protect, insulation products in the loft to create useful storage spaces while saving households energy and money.
These products use recycled materials, and are manufactured in the UK wherever possible, to the highest international standards.
This system creates a simple, light, and inexpensive raised boarded area in the loft above the government recommended 270mm of glass wool insulation. The raised loft floor creates an ideal storage and access platform, protecting the insulation from compression.

Loft leg system is design for traditional and new build properties

Loft leg has two different sizes: 175mm and 300mm. so this system suitable for all type of properties including traditional and new build. Standard of the loft insulation in traditional houses is 270mm and new build houses may have insulation up to 350mm so 175mm loft legs can use in properties up to 270mm thickness of insulation. Mainly traditional properties and some new build properties may able to benefit from this 175mm loft leg system.

On the other hand, 300mm loft legs may benefit most of the new build houses up to 350mm loft insulation thickness and also traditional houses may benefit from having 350mm thickness of insulation. Moreover, 175mm loft leg loft boarding system may able to win more head hight and it will benefit in most low roof properties.

What you need to know when you are doing DIY Loft Boarding Project

  • Personal protections
  • Make sure not blocked any ventilation (pre and post insulation)
  • No leak from roof
  • should walk on joist, use crawling board screw to the joist while working
  • Check and identify cable (some cables are high voltage cables; those may melt if it covered from insulation)
  • Please check if there are any downlights. If it is advisable to cover those from fire rated downlight caps. If you don’t put insulation over the downlight you may keep 50mm gap around the downlight but that may lose your heating and also often you can find fire rated downlights, still we recommend you to cover those downlights with fire rated caps as some by mistake change any of those fire rated downlights to normal downlights it may cause fire.
  • Pipe insulation and tank insulation jacket helps some energy savings and protect freezing from winter months
  • Don’t keep all loft boards in one place. This may increase weight in that particular area of the ceiling
Loft Leg System | LoftandInsulation

How to install Loftleg Loft Boarding System

Most Common System For Traditional and Now Build Property Loft Boarding Installation

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