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Under Floor Insulation 

Under floor insulation is a one of the important measures for domestic or commercial property to save their energy and keep building warmer. under floor insulation can be laid solid or timber floor. If your property has ventilation bricks or air bricks mainly under DPC on outside of your property walls, your property may have suspended timber floor construction. 

        Insulating under floor of the ground floor is one of the best ways to keep your property warmer. Upper floors you do not need to insulate always but it could stop you heating transfer through habitable area. 

There are mainly two type of floors in the UK, that is solid concreate floor and suspended timber floor. If property has solid floor then rigid floor insulation can laid on top of concreate floor. If the property has suspended timber floor then then you can get your floor insulation done.

There are few type of insulation install to suspended timber floor house such as ridge boards, glass mineral wool and floor insulation quilt. If property has cellar then floor insulation can apply to under side of the floor form cellar with manufacturers guide line. If property does not have any cellar then need to lift floor board and they apply under floor insulation to it. Alternatively need to make access panel to under need of the floor if possible.

To do under floor insulation need to have professional installer so if you need floor insulation installers for you next underfloor insulation project please fill our installer finder form.

Benefit of the Under-floor insulation

  • Property make considerable Saving of energy and increase comfort
  • Can be apply most of the properties solid or suspended timber floor
  • Help to reduce sound travelling through the floor
  • Low cost measure when considering some of the other insulation measures

How to do Under Floor insulation

Under floor insulation normally laying ridge boards (high performance form insulation) or mineral wool for correct depth. and need to be draft proofed. This can be easily done by using sealant closing gaps. You need to make attention about your under-floor ventilation. If your property has ventilation pricks under floor level this should keep free not close with insulation or block with any other methods. 

Please note you should comply with building regulation

How to do the Under-Floor Insulation

Timber floor insulation

  • Check the timber joist in good condition
  • Lay your insulation between floor joist
  • Put some nettings for secure fixing your insulation between joist (not to fall)
  • Check any gaps in middle and seal any gap you found in the middle or around

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